Laura’s Pizza Now Offers Family Dinners

Chicago, IL – Laura’s Pizza is now offering customizable family dinners. These family dinner deals will
eliminate the stress of dinner prep and planning so that you can focus on enjoying a meal with your
loved ones. From appetizers to main courses to desserts, Laura’s will whip up a meal that is certain to
satisfy everyone. It’s time to gather your family, relax, and enjoy a delicious meal from Laura’s Pizza.
Dinner has never been easier! Simply choose between a family dinner for 4 people or for 6 people. Then,
customize your dinner with Laura’s assortment of salads and appetizers as well as a wide variety of pizza

● Dinner for 4 ($59.95) includes your choice of 1 salad, 1 appetizer, 1 pasta, 4 pieces of chicken
(choice of preparation), a 14-inch pizza (two toppings), and 1 homemade 9-inch apple pie.

● Dinner for 6 ($79.95) includes your choice of 3 salads or appetizers, 2 pastas, 6 pieces of chicken
(choice of preparation), a 16-inch pizza (two toppings), and 1 homemade 9-inch apple pie.
To pick up your family dinner, stop by Laura’s at 1546 W 35th Street in Chicago. Or, let us bring dinner to
you! Order online at or call us at 773-801-0099 to place your order for pickup or

About Laura’s Pizza & Pasta

Since 1976, Laura’s Pizza has proudly served the Bridgeport community and surrounding areas. Our
commitment to customer satisfaction, great food, and a friendly neighborhood atmosphere brings
happiness to your table. Whether you are dining in or ordering out, there is something for everyone at
Laura’s. Choose from our menu of Chicago style pizzas, homemade Italian dinners, Italian sandwiches,
tasty burgers, hot dogs, and more! We also offer full service catering for your next party or special

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